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  1. Looking for work
  2. Seeking welder to make trailer frame - Ontario
  3. welder helper(CT)
  4. Tukwila WA Aluminium Welder
  5. want to become a welder in MA
  6. unexperienced welder in central ca
  7. Pipewelders & Pipefitters in Everett $20-28/hr
  8. Rig work south texas
  9. Fresh out of school in Atlanta, GA. Need work.
  10. 4 CWI Positions Available!
  11. Many Welding Openings......
  12. insurance ??
  13. Power Plant Project In The Works For Odessa, Texas
  14. Any Work Around North Carolina?
  15. Anybody here own their own welding business?
  16. Need To Get Paid!!!
  17. CWI questions on D1.1 API1104
  18. Princess Auto - Weird Policy?
  19. Side work for experience
  20. A little help Please!!!
  21. D1.1 as Detailed/Fit Up
  22. question
  23. Other sources
  24. Finally found my job!!
  25. Bummed
  26. good news for Canada Westcoast
  27. Fabricator Wanted - Contemporary Art Foundry
  28. Stupid, there's still hope
  29. Pipeline welder wanted
  30. Where are all of the big jobs in Texas?
  31. Welding Biz Incentive Programs
  32. Need Help Finding Extension Slides!!
  33. Quick welding question?
  34. CWI's for spring 2012
  35. CWI Needed in KS for 2012!
  36. Welders
  37. Shop welder and fitters- New Braunfels TX
  38. Halliburton to hire 1,500 for work in San Antonio area
  39. Jobs around New Orleans..
  40. Welders in Norfolk, Newport News VA
  41. ohio shale
  42. Whats the going RATE for Plowing?
  43. downhill pipe welding training
  44. Looking for a EB Welder
  45. Excel Foundry and machine in Pekin, Illinois
  46. Need your help/advice regarding a job
  47. rig welder looking for work in texas
  48. Pipe Installers Needed Now- Immediate Hire
  49. TIG Pipe Welders Needed ASAP- Immediate Hire
  50. CWI Needed in KS immediately
  51. Courses/Certifications that look good on a welding resume.
  52. Welding school
  53. any welding jobs in michigan without temp service ?
  54. welding positions in Philipsburg, PA
  55. pipeline in Texas? ??
  56. Shale linked to 10,000 San Antonio Jobs
  57. Welding Job in L.B. Foster Company Location in Bedford, PA
  58. Pipe Fitter/Welder in Kuparuk, AK, US
  59. i have am getting a technologist degree, a question
  60. New Wire Spool
  61. Welding Equipment Repair and Calibration Technician Job
  62. Looking for traveling work/helper position
  63. Industrial Sales Opportunity
  64. welding as a career
  65. Metal Finish
  66. Entry Level CWI opportunity in Denver
  67. South florida welding
  68. Tig Welder Job Columbus, OH (Full time)
  69. Conroe,TX jobs
  70. union question, boilermakers
  71. Job/Education Advice
  72. off shore job
  73. ohio work
  74. work in ohio
  75. Process piping welder/ fitter needed- full time. Rig welders needed also...
  76. louisville kentucky
  77. Welding as a career?
  78. Looking for Weld Engineers - Mt. Vernon, IN
  79. Welding Engineering Manager Position - Indiana
  80. MIG Welding, Cutting and stretching vehicles.
  81. Welding job help
  82. Where to start
  83. New Welding Engineer need help :)
  84. Looking in Texas....
  85. Managing The Business My Welding Business
  86. Looking for Pipe welders in Oxnard, CA
  87. Study guides for mechanical aptitude tests?
  88. I want to weld on pipeline, what do i do to move from the fab shop to the oil field?
  89. Looking for some advice
  90. Need CAD drawings or a website?
  91. New Welders Android App!
  92. New welding blog I'm working on
  93. Young welder looking for work in Champaign illinois area.
  94. Sanitary Welders Needed! Cleveland, OH and Lexington KY
  95. internships?
  96. Shipyard Hiring
  97. Work
  98. If you're out of work....
  99. Navy Seabee's
  100. Welding as a career, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  101. Foreign welder
  102. Getting started in SF CA?
  103. Working With Bronze ??
  104. Job opportunity for anyone struggling for work
  105. Have a few questions for anybody familiar with unions
  106. Pipeline help
  107. product liability insurance
  108. Any future in Alum MIG?
  109. Pipe Welder / Fabricator Required - Oldbury - 2 Months
  110. looking for a design of beerbike
  111. Looking for work in DFW Texas
  112. make a new CV
  113. where can i start?
  114. Welding classes
  115. 400 jobs
  116. Job openings
  117. Looking for sites to post on similar to Craigslist
  118. Sprinkler Fitter Prints ?
  119. Need help finding work (Houston)
  120. non-unionpipewelderlookingforwestcoastemployment
  121. Structural Welder
  122. What to expect in Union (pipe)
  123. Looking for information on underwater welding
  124. Looking for work on Long Island
  125. Piping TIG Welder/Fitter (St. Louis, MO)
  126. Cat Walk Design
  127. Getting Started
  128. Job Opportunities
  129. Job Opportunities
  130. Lincoln College of Technology
  131. Food Truck Window ???
  132. The Apprentice School - Newport News Shipbuilding
  133. Arc Pro Mobile?
  134. passed my 6g cert going to the boilermakers hall tommrow
  135. Seeking shutdowns
  136. High paying jobs in alberta, canada
  137. Setting up a rig for the field - Help?
  138. Recommended Classes
  139. education in maryland
  140. Schools/classes northern virginia
  141. High paying jobs in ab, canada
  142. Needing information on what else to do
  143. Looking for CWI work in Colorado
  144. My God
  145. Welding position opening
  146. Production Engineer
  147. any welding jobs in orlando?
  148. Jumpstart a locomotive?
  149. Looking for help
  150. Pipeline welder helper jobs??
  151. San Diego Welding Jobs
  152. new business
  153. Is there work for welders in ND?
  154. good welding schools in ma?
  155. UA: Getting in
  156. About to be Boilermaker Apprentice
  157. Job Opportunity
  158. Recognized Schools in Ontario
  159. Any Detyens Shipyard Welders Here???
  160. OSHA 10..TWIC Card
  161. Any advice for my first ever interview?
  162. Job Opportunity with Trillium Marine!!!!
  163. Job Opportunity with Trillium Marine!!!!
  164. south dakotas hiring welders like crazy
  165. Boilermaker Apprenticeship
  166. Looking for hire tig welders asap
  167. Schaeffler diagram
  168. Asking for a Pay Rise at Work :-)
  169. First Weld Job Advice
  170. welding student needed for article writting
  171. Minimum Wage for Welders
  172. Welders Needed!
  173. Salaries for welding
  174. Brand New to Welding Need Info Exp/Getting Hired..
  175. Welding Engineers Needed!!
  176. Hobart Institute of welding Technology
  177. Any welding work in Northern NM
  178. CWI needed in Louisville, KY
  179. What to do?
  180. Any work in WV?
  181. Seattle Area Shipboard Pipe Fitter
  182. finally did it
  183. plumbers & pipefitters local 761 accepted me...
  184. daytona welding school?
  185. Welding Club of Colorado Springs
  186. Inspecting and Verifying Fillet Weld Size
  187. Welding Education Atlanta
  188. Welding education/school in Northern Minnesota?
  189. any daytona beach,fl members?
  190. Welding&Math skill set or lack there of...
  191. Chooseing the right school
  192. Input on school(s)? DFW area
  193. PLEASE read this. I need some advice...again
  194. florida members post up
  195. can i get a welding job
  196. pipe fab shops in los angeles area?
  197. TIG Welding course in NYC or NJ.
  198. Druggies need not apply, can't fill skilled labor jobs
  199. AWS cert
  200. Advice on where to buy wire needed.
  201. Anyone know a good machine shop in Nashville, TN?
  202. Questions about welding schools
  203. where to find welding job auctions?
  204. Custom fabrication shop
  205. fort collins CO
  206. Local Plumbers & Pipefitters test..
  207. 2 stainless pipe tig welders needed. Denver,co
  208. welding engineering technology degree programs
  209. where to go from here?
  210. Employment websites US
  211. Tig Welder Needed ASAP - DFW
  212. jobs nere daytona beach fl?
  213. Associate Degree?
  214. E6010 overhead and verticle lap joint,
  215. UA or ASME Shop Lead
  216. Hiring: Thermit Welders (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  217. Rig Welding 101
  218. Weldor/Fabricator needed in Busy East Bay Shop
  219. certification manual for welding inspectors
  220. good book on angles and degree's?
  221. Class A fitter/welder?
  222. fab schools?
  223. Your daily commute
  224. Anyone work as a welder in an Ironworker Union?
  225. Looking for some tips/pointers please
  226. How do I break into the shipyard
  227. Immediate hire for precision fabricator at aerospace company in Monroe NC...
  228. Looking for work when I finish welding school
  229. How much $ for 6GR welding?
  230. summer work
  231. Need part time or on call work in Chicago--any leads?
  232. Question for boilermakers
  233. Off for the summer
  234. Summer welding jobs
  235. Welding cart contest....
  236. Looking for work on Long Island
  237. Work in texas?? Any help?
  238. Apprentice Winston-Salem
  239. jobs in sc
  240. Any advice?
  241. Live in QC Canada, question about USA wages.
  242. Anyone need a good hand in Las Vegas?
  243. Boilermakers apprenticeship
  244. Coming to Houston in a few months
  245. Can't find a job for the life of me...
  246. Searching for specific company in North Carolina
  247. Tig- Stick Pipe Welder/ Fitter/ Fabricator Wanted....
  248. I was checking
  249. Looking to Hire Field Welder/Machinist Representative
  250. NASCAR Industry