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  1. tape measure rant
  2. Sketchup 8 help
  3. finding the center mark for hole on plate/sheet metal
  4. Tandem axle placement on Dovetail trailer
  5. layout templates to cope pipe.
  6. Bender Die sets
  7. which measurments do you need from staircase in order to build railing at shop??
  8. 20" Saddle and pipesaddlelayout.com isn't giving the right numbers
  9. Correct way to use Brake press?
  10. formula or software
  11. Compressor/plasma calculations
  12. Good welder but blueprint reading not so much.
  13. Fibonacci Scroll/spiral
  14. 5 ton hoist
  15. Need some advice on adding a room to my garage.
  16. math help
  17. building a fuel tank for my boat questions
  18. hjaving brain fart, need formula
  19. Design of Turbo Cowl Question
  20. Trying to "T" weld 2 beer kegs together
  21. formula for finding feet per minute speed on band saw
  22. Bend Line Layout Help (Finding degrees?)
  23. How to cut this merge collector?
  24. Hydraulic lift bed
  25. Building large barn with a loft.
  26. Welder lacking in Blue Print reading need advice
  27. square formla?
  28. Extension Spring Travel?
  29. Welding Benchmarks (Time) for various processes
  30. New to site, have question for the engineers
  31. Drum vanes...
  32. EASY software for CNC cutting??
  33. The way i do !
  34. Conversion software
  35. More than 1 way to skin a cat: handrail baluster spacing
  36. Bar cutting software
  37. Railling layout on a stringer
  38. Looking for advice on building low cost. powerful winch (electric or hydraulic).
  39. Cage build help
  40. Sin Cosin and Tangent
  41. Calculating Tow hitch capacity
  42. Anybody have any tips on cutting a 45 on large pipe
  43. new to the site
  44. pressure tank, boiler, water tank maker!
  45. Three tier brew stand.engineering help needed
  46. stair layout
  47. Some really helpful calculators to use right on your cell phone
  48. vise mount springs?
  49. structural steel
  50. Innershield wire
  51. Autocad pro's drawer
  52. How do you measure pipe to put three legs on it?
  53. straight cut on pipe
  54. Helical landing on a straight staircase!
  55. Welding project for Shop teacher
  56. free e-book
  57. WPS and symbols on prints
  58. Circles
  59. How do I calculate length of tubing needed for making a handle with two 90 bends?
  60. Design/Prints?
  61. measuring angles on smaller pipe
  62. Sanitary Pipe Welding
  63. Structual Steel Drawings?
  64. Question for the pipefitters
  65. Determining Weight Max
  66. Sketchup plugins for the fabricator/welder?
  67. 千纸鹤的故事
  68. Fillet weld symbol question
  69. Stack Steel supply book
  70. weld layout question
  71. load qyestion
  72. Structural steel symbols?
  73. Draftsight free drafting software
  74. any ideas on this welding symbol
  75. How to calculate intermittent duty cycle?
  76. Best measuring tool for pipeline cut out
  77. Keeping legs from sucking in....
  78. bending or failure of 2.0 square tubing .25 thick wall
  79. Aligning 10" steel Tube and Cross members prior to welding
  80. Designing a tapered oval cone for cnc plasma
  81. Software needed
  82. Rusting Recipes
  83. Mandrel bending Nashville tn
  84. Advice wanted on material and size for simple derrick / boom crane
  85. finding tdc of a dome
  86. line bore question
  87. New guy with a ?
  88. custom kitchen hoods
  89. Digital caliper...... Inch measurement confusion.....
  90. math my worst enemy
  91. Zeus Book
  92. 45's
  93. Notching round tube help?
  94. looking for idea on getting a motorcycle into a pick up bed ?
  95. Pneumatic cylinder air consumption math
  96. forming round aluminum tube into rectangular tube
  97. Any tips for teaching measuring to students?
  98. Torque Amp
  99. curve fit, simple splines, reduce lines and arcs geometries for cutting
  100. Handy PDF of formula and tables for geometry solutions
  101. Bracket design
  102. Layout for 45° miter on 14" pipe
  103. Favorite marker? Sharpie?
  104. What size tube to use for drive-over fenders? How do I calculate?
  105. How Do I Do This????????
  106. very bottom of an eccentric reducer
  107. OrnamentalPro 2010
  108. slide ruler
  109. books or free websites to learn math
  110. Looking for an WW member
  111. finding 8 points on a 2 3/8 round stock for spoke wheel hub
  112. Stair Angle??
  113. Calculating arc length
  114. multi use tool for find angle for pipe
  115. Help with mounting hinges
  116. Bending sheet stock
  117. Gate layout...
  118. I Beam Sizing
  119. Trying to find blue prints that I can read and study
  120. 1000 gallon Propane dome measurements?
  121. Complex Cuts?
  122. Anyone have a bolt chart that shows length of bolt shanks
  123. Rear bumper Plans need help?!?
  124. Setting clips on a round tube - is there an easier way?
  125. Pulley and RPM
  126. cu ft/psi
  127. Bending Pipe
  128. How do you figure a rolling off-set?
  129. Pipe template for branch test question.
  130. Welding symbols question
  131. Welder and fitters I need help with this one.
  132. How much would it cost to burn a rod?
  133. Magnetic welding sqaure accuracy
  134. Duct, Stove Pipe - adjusting elbow angles
  135. Need some angle help!
  136. Cut list generator using Python
  137. Indexing line on round tubing and pipe
  138. Aluminum and Mild Steel
  139. someone help me understand scroll layout
  140. lineal cut optimization software
  141. Not sure this is in the right place....
  142. 16 ga ss round to rectangle vent
  143. Ornamental pro vs. Fabcad vs Autocad
  144. Estimating software
  145. Dump body floor
  146. Solidworks training
  147. Plumbing Basics
  148. Pipe fitting apps by LMF warning + question.
  149. Question regarding square tubing size
  150. How do I figure the cut angles?
  151. Improved Cut List Generator using Python
  152. Mechanical Devices: Kinematics Visualized
  153. Math - an excuse, 2008 crane accident
  154. Need help with a survey!!
  155. Maximum allowable deflection in I-beams and c-beams?
  156. Cad?
  157. Math Puzzle
  158. Hydraulic Press Die Calculations
  159. Mandrel exhaust bend cutting help
  160. Tube Coping Calculator
  161. internally MECAS ESI material database - S235
  162. Pipeline Valve Cut in
  163. Godevil (mud motor) build suggestions
  164. Anyone using Iphone apps for design/drawings?
  165. auto cad
  166. Intermittent filet weld
  167. Recommendations for shelf
  168. Basic deflection estimate calculator?
  169. Gate Hanging Situation.......??
  170. Dial caliper rack adjustment
  171. Finding diameter
  172. Help with Arch
  173. Frame for Android
  174. Newbie Question
  175. Weld engineering problem
  176. Multiplying really big numbers (4 me anyway)
  177. Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps
  178. Help coping both pipes for 60 degree angles
  179. Hypotenuse?
  180. A Crazy Twist And Bend
  181. Reading A Book "The Man Who Counted"
  182. Layout books
  183. Interesting little layout square I make on the side
  184. how do I layout an angle cut on large diameter pipe?
  185. Cheap/Free nesting software
  186. Looking for sheet steel bending calculator help
  187. Temperature Impact of Welding a circumferential multi pass weld
  188. Long sweep bends
  189. How many cf or gallonsis 6x9x12.375 inches
  190. I beam calulations
  191. Cutting tubing at 45s
  192. What size tubing for 25 ton press
  193. Building Hitch for car, thickness of tubing needed questions?
  194. Materials question for covering
  195. Round tube railing questions
  196. Help I ant no fitter
  197. Math/Fitter books
  198. Developed Length for a 12” O.D. cylinder
  199. Stitch weld
  200. Motorcycle overhead lift steel tubing size?
  201. Line of Chord Rule précis?
  202. Metal vs. Metal Chart or Calculator?
  203. 8-foot centers.
  204. Failure analysis simulation help
  205. Eliminate my trig tables
  206. Ball Stack
  207. Help with angle
  208. bending awning frames
  209. Best method of measuring from the tangent point of mandrel bent tubing
  210. A Pillar Roll Cage Rotations
  211. angle calculation
  212. TubeNotcher Paper Template including
  213. Octagon, or more sides, around a circle
  214. Creating Weld beads and laying out designs in Sketchup
  215. Need help finding measurement for square fire pit
  216. Loader mounting points
  217. Fitting plate flooring around a circle base?
  218. Made a little flange helper
  219. 45 degree cut in plate
  220. Tubing fitup help
  221. S beam advice.
  222. A good scale for layout
  223. Trigonometry
  224. Welding speed calculations
  225. Fillet Weld (T-joint) variation comparison [CALCULATION]
  226. How to find area of an oval?
  227. Laser Welding paramteres
  228. Telescoping RHS and pipe
  229. Curve-o-matic
  230. Aluminum Bench Tubing Thickness
  231. New to me indicator base
  232. Press brake math
  233. Formulas for weight
  234. Trouble with math problem
  235. Job Quotes
  236. Digital Readout for measuring?
  237. Quick and Dirty measurements you can use for Fabrication
  238. Lumber rack material size and wall thickness
  239. Suggestions
  240. I used to hate paint markers....
  241. Steel channel load deflection assistance.
  242. How to bid on welding steel decking for concrete slab
  243. Stairs and hand rails
  244. Miter Cut Calc Spreadsheet
  245. Hydraulic hose length counter
  246. Marking-off and Layout
  247. Another steel channel load question
  248. Help... Need to mark out a scalene triangle WITHOUT a compass.
  249. Structural beam layout by hand on out of square beam.
  250. Making a dome end on pipe