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12-08-2009, 03:09 PM
Hello I am new to welding, I bought a miller sidekick for 50.00, wanted to know if anything has to be changed in gun to go from copper wire to non shielded or flux shielded wire, like tip or liner. thanks mike

12-08-2009, 04:35 PM
You'll need to change the polarity to run self-shielded wire, which means change the power connection inside the machine so the torch is connected to the negative terminal and the work cable is connected to the positive terminal.

You should also change the drive roll to a v-knurled style roll so it can feed the fluxcore wire without slipping, since fluxcore needs a light tension on the drive roll so it isn't crushed so it will feed through the tip smoothly.

No need to change the tip or liner unless you're changing wire diameter too. .030 and .035 wire can both run down the same liner, but you should have proper tip size for the wire size.

You can use the regular mig nozzle with self shield, it will just get covered with spatter faster than with gas shielded. If you remove the nozzle, you can see the weld better, but the spatter can also ruin the gas diffuser. Miller does sell a diffuser shield made for fluxcore wire that replaces the gas nozzle and fits their M10 torches. Not sure what torch the Sidekick comes with. The M10 comes on all the small Millermatics- 135/140, 175/180, 211 and Passport. It may have also come on the Millermatic 130 and Cricket migs.

12-08-2009, 07:34 PM
Hey Mike,
I was wondering if you got that Sidekick up-'n-runnin'. Desertrider has provided you with the correct procedures for using flux-core, & your MIG gun should be the M10 as mine is. I would suggest to stay with .030 dia in both solid & f-c for your needs. It will do everything that little welder is capable of welding. You can get the knurled wire roller from Miller I believe. If you have a lathe or know someone with one, you can make a flux-core nozzle very easy from aluminum as I did....here's a pic. BTW, I got my best results using an .035 tip with .030 flux-core wire. Post some pics of your progress. Good luck......