View Full Version : no wire feed on a Handler 175

Chuck Harder
12-29-2009, 12:39 AM
Hey Guys, thanks in advance for your help! I have a 2001 HH175 that has worked pretty good until today. I only use it once every couple months, so it doesn't see a lot of use, but today the wire feed motor quit completely. It does not turn, but the shaft can be turned easily with a screwdriver, and spits wire out the gun easily. I have a wiring diagram for the welder, and checked for DC voltage to the wire feed motor with the trigger held. There is none. I'm sure the trigger switch is working because the gas solenoid clicks every time I hit the trigger, so it's calling for gas.

I suppose that the circuit board is fried again. (it was replaced several years ago for this exact problem.) Am I doing something wrong that is causing the board to fry? Can the board be repaired? I'm really tempted to get it operational again and sell it.

I'm okay with replacing the board, but if you have any diagnostic help for me that would be great! Is there anything else that I can check to assure me it is the board? Once I buy it, there won't be any returning it! I don't want to sink more money into this machine than it's worth!

Thanks for your thoughts.