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benny b
01-09-2010, 02:54 AM
im looking at a 2002 big 50. it has about 5000 hrs. i cant find any info about this machine and i never used one. my questions are
1 what kind of suitcase can i use
2 is this a g6 and downhill quality pipe machine
3 can i use a remote can i still get one for it
4 tig
5 how many hours should i get from it
6 what is your thoughts about this machine

i have my 3g and 4g certs. i have been out of welding for a while 11 years since i held a stinger. i took my tests at a local tech school, i did not attend class i just went to test both on same day. i pd for them my self to get a welding job with a steel workers union co. the co folded after one of the owners passed away. i have a friend in the local pipe fitters union, he can get me in as a rig welder. im going to get my 6g 6010 root 7018 cover. i can also get in the local iron workers as a rig welder through a contractor who knows me.

another question, is my certs still good after this long, or do i need to re test?

thanks benny

01-09-2010, 04:55 AM
Hi. Here's the link to Miller's manual for that machine I believe.


Looking at that, as far as the feeder question, it depends. Is it the bare CC only machine or did it come set up with the 14 pin conector and set up for CC/CV?

If it's the base model and CC only, you will need a voltage sensing feeder (VS), like an S-32P, Super S-32P,8VS or 12VS, etc. If it came with the 14 pin remote you can use a VS feeder or any 14pin remote feeder or RC suitcase.

Again, as far as the remote, that would depend if it was originally ordered with the 14pin outlet or not. It should do tig, either with or without the remote.

Good luck.

01-09-2010, 01:19 PM
The union jobs you want to get on will test you regardless of your previous testing. Your certs have been un-used for over 10 years so you'll need to re-test if you want to use them on another job requiring certs. Most jobs will test you anyways.

benny b
01-09-2010, 03:56 PM
tks for replys,

the machine does not have the 14 pin connector, thats why i was wondering how good of welds i could get with the mig side of it. i had a thermal arc gas about ten yrs ago i think it was a 280 amp cant remember 3 phase 460 output. welded stick nice but i tried to run a lincoln suitcase of it i cant remember wich model but it was the one the local welding supply suggested,it didnt work verry well. anyway with out the big 50not having the 14 pin connector and i dont think its both cc and cv maybe better to pass? also last summer i built a 36 foot steel stringer bridge for a local water co, i rented a multiquip to do it. but no one asked me to produce certs. how could i show that i welded to keep from paying for new certs? [ im a small residental contractor right now]

also you said even if i get my 6g my self i still need to retest on pipefitters job? is thst for every job, what if its not like a big job but if a local union contractor calls on a small repair job for some welding, would i be able to use my own cert? i dont want to work for anyone contractor but rather sevral contractors.[if i can lol] tks benny

01-09-2010, 08:51 PM
If the machine is not CC/CV then your only option is to use a VS type feeder. They do work on CC only, but usually you need to use big dia. wire and run in spray to work well. That usually means vertical and overhead is a PITA. I've used my SuperS32-P VS unit only a bit with a CC machine. A friend who runs them all the time was showing me it one day on his machine.

If wire is an option yo want, I would highly recommend looking for a CC/CV machine, and preferably one that also has the 14 pin plug connection as well. The Bobcat is a CC/CV machine that does not have the 14 pin hook up. You have to use a VS feeder with one. You need to go to at least a newer Trailblazer or a larger machine with the optional CV/ 14pin connector to use an RC type feeder.

01-10-2010, 01:10 PM
There's a Trailblazer Pro 350D diesel welder on San Diego Craig's List right now. $6000 and 2000 hours.