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07-15-2010, 01:17 AM
Gday all, i was thinking of making some electrode storage tubes for my welding bench at home.

I was planing on getting some steel tubing and making an end for it out of a larger diameter tube and welding a cap on both ends.

Has anyone done this before or is it just not a very smart thing to do for whatever reason seeing as most electrodes come in a cardboard box or a plastic tube?

07-15-2010, 02:54 AM
Plastic and cardboard is cheaper. Just watch the humidity level and you should be fine... But keep magnesium dryer than the rest.

Ken Dennis
07-15-2010, 05:04 AM
I know this isn't a solution for someone wanting to weld something together for a project, but, it is more practical!

large PVC drain pipe would be better to use.
You can get PVC pipe in various large sizes, and even add screw on caps that they use for end pipe clean outs.
And you can paint the PVC any color you want!

07-15-2010, 11:01 AM
Here are a few options we came up with in the shop at our high school. The PVC is for gas and TIG rods in 36" lengths. The Schedule 40 pipes are hanging in each of the welding booths. Kids made it all as projects while learning to weld.

Ken Dennis
07-15-2010, 01:42 PM
I don't have any pics of them right now but PVC is what I made mine out of.
I can cap them, and with the PVC, I don't have to worry about condensation or rust from the inside of a pipe from when it gets moist out like it is right now, heck, we even have 70% and above humidity in the middle of winter here!

07-15-2010, 02:07 PM
An old apartment-sized refrigerator works for rod storage. By-pass the push-button light switch so the light never goes out, screw in a 15 or 25 Watt lamp. Keep the door shut and your rod will never get damp. Reefer didn't have a lamp? Scew a stub of angle iron to the inside ceiling or wall and clip on a clip on, route the cord through a notch cut in the door gasket so it doesn't get pinched.