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03-31-2006, 01:23 AM
Hey guys, My names Josh, and I'm 17. Was looking for a forum for welding and this looked like my new home, so here I am. I live in Wasilla, Alaska. I go to Colony High School, which as I hear it has THE best welding shop on the entire west coast. I am in my first year of welding (its a 2 year program). Just to list some of the things the welding shop has; a PlasmaCam computer plasma cutter, a shear (don't really know how powerful it is, it cuts 3/8 steel but not more than 7 or so inches of it), 3 wire-wheels, a huge stone grinder, a belt sander, 2 plasma cutters, 2 tungsten grinders (just got a new one the other one is wearing out), a BRAND new break (which hasn't been used yet), a band-saw for stainless (at least thats what the sign on it says), a press for metal bend tests, a track torch, a pipe bender (which I have yet to see used, it just sits there under a canvas tarp). Thats about it equipment wise. For welders (I don't remember brands or amp ratings, ill post later when I actually look at the machines, the machines are ALL red though i think they are Lincolns but I'm not 100% sure); there are 11 MIG welders (each in their own booth, one is for spray transfer, and another is dual-shield), 7 regular machines for tig (also in their own booths), and 1 tig welder that is water cooled, built in pulser (and i think goes up to about 326A) (also all the TIG booths have piping, regulators, and torch for Oxy-acetylene welding), and there are a couple of portable MIG welders. There are 2 machines set up for Aluminum wire-feed (which RARELY get used). There is a small fenced in area in the back of the shop that houses the gas bottles for the entire system of welders, minus the portables (obviously), and the MIG machine set up for spray transfer, plus a classroom for watching instruction movies and such. There is a very large ventilation system as well. Well, I cant really think of anything else thats in there, tell me what you guys think. Oh every booth has a jacket, helmet, vice-grips, and wire-brush, plus a chipping hammer for the MIG booths. There are also 3 or 4 hand grinders, and some misc. tools wrenches, hammers, pliers and the such. also 2 anvils (which isn't really important). Anyway, nice forum...think ill stay.

Roy Hodges
03-31-2006, 01:45 AM
For a high school shop, it sounds fantastic, to me. It's set up about as good as our local (Napa valley ,Ca.) junior college, and almost as good as the old Apprentice school at Mare Island Naval shipyard where i did my apprenticeship( 4 years) in late sixties. Good for you , take advantage of it & i hope you have an instructor as good as i had. (worlds best , I my opinion )

03-31-2006, 03:25 AM
Keep in mind there are only 12 people in my class, and its 10 hours a week (2 periods long, and I dont have both periods everyday, its up to a little over 2.5 hours long)

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Wow!!! In GA, industrial votech in highschool is essentially gone. Your shop sounds great.