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05-13-2011, 07:58 AM
Well guys, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.
A lot of great info here, especially for a "sorta" newb like me.

I'll give some background about me, then we'll get down to bidness.
Learned to gas weld from neighborhood drag racers as a kid in the 70's, progressed to a small mig welder (self-taught) after h/s. Bought a miller Econotig about 15yrs ago (never have used it yet), same time bought a small Shumacher Plasma cutter (yellow box). I own a couple miller and lincoln ac/dc buzz boxes, an inverter set-up for tigging (again, never tried it).

The reason they've just sat for a couple (many) years?
Twin daughters.
I gave up drag racing, auto hobby in general when they were getting old enough for school. Concentrated on my job (shop foreman at a Caddy store, hence the screen name), now they're going off to college, and the other end of my shop has lights turned on again.

So, over the next few weeks, months...I'll probably be asking a few really dumb-a** newb questions, as I've pretty much forgotten everything I sorta knew about Tig welding, and definately will need some help procurring new plasma consumables.

Anyway, thanks in advance for the great info here!

05-13-2011, 10:39 AM
hello caddyman, welcome to the forum.

and I have to ask, is sunny SC, south carolina or southern california?

05-13-2011, 04:54 PM
Yes sir.....first order of business was to kick the cars out of the garage, then the Christmas decorations, then the kids' toys........looks like a shop to me :drinkup: