View Full Version : Bicycle Receiver Hitch

captain belly
05-29-2011, 02:24 PM
Here's a receiver hitch I designed in order to pull a homemade cart. I liked the receiver hitch idea so I can plug other 'inventions' in. I used a Heim Joint that spins freely in the plug hitch so there will be no binding in any direction. The Heim Joint will receive a pin-in style hitch.
It would have to be custom built for individual bikes, but it was very easy and cheap to do. I paid special attention to placing it back far enough so that my heel doesn't hit it when I pedal. It's very easy to take off and on with quick release wheels. I put felt in the areas where it contacts with the paint job on my bike. I will post my trailer and a fly rod holder that I built which plugs in to the receiver. the trailer I built is posted on another person's thread, but I will post it under a new one with a little more details.