View Full Version : SAM-400 near Harrisburg PA

07-08-2011, 11:27 PM
I drove 4 hrs to look at this thing today. I don't want it, but maybe one of you might. It's an early '70's SAM-400 with a GM Bedford 4-cyl diesel in it. The engine lights right off and carries good oil pressure, but seems to miss some at high idle. I'm guessing it hasn't been run much recently - could be fuel filters. No visible leaks but the guy said it was leaking at the water pump seal. It's on a homebuilt trailer that's not too awful. The sheetmetal has some dents, but the paint is fairly recent. I got the feeling $800 was as low as they'd go.

Biggest problem I saw was OCV - it carried 35V at high idle with all the controls cranked to max including the portable field control. (Spec is 95V) The VV control did change OCV a little when you moved it, but the PFC didn't. I re-attached a loose wire at the terminal strip, but that didn't change the OCV issue. Could be something cheap wrong, or it could be something VERY expensive.

They had said that it welded, which is why I made the trip - thought I might be using my SAM as a parts machine after today. I'm sure glad I took my voltmeter with me, as OCV was the first thing I checked knowing the problems I've been having with my machine. Never even tried to weld with it - I noticed they had the main reactor cranked wide open and I bet they had to with only 1/3 output available!

I offered them $200, but they didn't bite. It's at Pine Grove Auto Sales in Pine Grove PA (off exit 100 on I-81). You can get their phone number off their website.

Be forewarned - no one there has the first clue about this machine. You're on your own with checking it out - bring your own leads, etc. as it's bare.