View Full Version : newbie here from TX

08-06-2011, 08:38 AM
Hi all Im new and have problems I need help on. 1st I go by Hess and about 8 months back I got a CT-520 pro Renegade power solutions ti series muti inverter unit cant remember from who. all was well at start up and I was doing some light tig practice a few months back when the unit seemed to stop working. The Fan and power dials worked but the Tig would not ask

No I had garbage up the tig so thought it was that. I have been ill for awhile and went to use the PC last night when I noted it would no arc. no air would pass though tied the Tig the same even the Arc welder would not arc.
have the fan but noting else. it in on 110 have no reset sw that I have found. grounds are good.any ideas would be great as im just sick thinking this has gone to trash with as little use and now wonder I may be throwing it out in the junk and if so which one will work

I know it is a lot for the 1 shot but could really use the help on what to look for or try

Thanks Hess