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08-08-2011, 05:24 AM
Is there a link to a posting explaining the way a spool and/ or regular mig gun is electrically connected to it's power source?

I'm trying to understand the whole concept. Does the spool gun derive any power to drive the spool from the pin connector, or does that just communicate with the source contractor. If I buy a WC24 controller, can I use a cc source with a gun? If I buy an XMT 304, will I need anything else to add the spool gun? If I'm doing very light repairs only and will mostly be tigging, can I just get by with a spool gun and a CV power source?

I'm sure there must be a prior extensive posting about this, but I can't find it.


08-08-2011, 05:55 AM
The answer to your question is it depends on the spoolgun. My 3035 gets it's power from the weld lead IIRC. The 2 wires from the gun only activate the contactor. I don't believe thats the same with the Spoolmatic 15/30 guns that are used with the XMT's. You do need a controler to run a spoolgun from an XMT, and I believe the WC24 is the unit you need for that.

The WC 24 will not let you run a spoolgun from a CC powersource from what I understand.

08-08-2011, 09:56 AM
you just have to get the right spoolgun controller. I have a couple for my profax AEC200 which is also know as a Airco AH20 or and ESAB ST23a and very similar to the spoolmatic 2. I have an airco CC control box for running off my CC airco machine. then I have a CV profax control box for running off my Powcon machines when they are set to CV mode. If the 304XMT has a CV/mig mode then you can just run an CV controller of it or get a CC control box and run off stick mode or use on your syncrowave. MY CC control box is for sale if you are interested, let me know..