View Full Version : Connecting To Weld Output Terminals

10-17-2011, 10:33 AM
Im looking at OM-611 Page 13 http://www.millerwelds.com/om/o611u_mil.pdf now as far as cable size is concerned I use 1/0 cable for my smaw lead and ground clamp now would using 1/0 cable be necessary to connect the HF-251D-1? The reason why I ask is because on my suitcase x-treme 12vs wire feeder the ground cable that miller includes is only 12awg cable. Also my other question is now when I hook up the cable from my trailblazer 302 to the HF-251D-1 I'm assuming that the + terminal is the ground terminal on the tb302 and that - terminal would be connecting to the stick/tig terminal on the tb302? :help:

10-17-2011, 12:45 PM
I think I can answer some of this, on the suit case welders, you are still using your ground lead from your welding source and tapping in your hot lead to the unit. The small ground cable does not handle the higher amperages of the welding it is your voltage sensing lead for the wire feeder, specifically the drive rollers. This is where the wire feeder motor gets it's power to push out the wire. I have the Lincoln LN-25 but I assume it works on the same principle. don't worry about the small cable it's properly sized.