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Thread: sockets

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    john pen Guest


    Although Ive learned my lesson with cheap sockets that always seem to strip or split when the ratchet handle is extended to 4 feet, Ive found that by using the HF impact sockets for regular use (non impact gun) they work fine...

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    Mar 2004
    The larger ones make great bending dies for flat stock and round bar.

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    fla jim Guest
    I bought the 3/4" drive set of socketts on sale for $35.00. The ratchett is a little suspect, but I've used them with the breaker, and a 4' cheater. Ok so far!!!

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    Oct 2003
    Oregon wine country.
    HF sockets work great for spacers also. Got one on my chevy starter, bracket spacers for some hose mounts, battery bracket(don't have to buzz the nut down as far) and a few other places.
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