Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?
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    Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    I have an opportunity to buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine locally. Is this a quality unit? Is it better to go with a used larger unit, or buy a newer, smaller unit given my budgetary constraints?

    John Martin

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    Yes, it's a quality machine, made by Linde.
    Should you buy it? Well, can you fix it yourself? Linde stopped making them, and the only place you'll find support is at
    They were good machines when made, and if you can buy it right, the machine will probably outlive you, unless it is abused.
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    my old shop had one and it was a great welder, i would do 3/16 all the way down to 16g. c.r.s.

    damm near bullet proof

    if its in good shape i would pick it up...............


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    Personally, I had nothing but trouble with them. Our shop bought 2 of them years ago since they had a mig procedure that called for pulse welding....and you know not many mig machines will do that.

    Anyway, maybe we had lemons, but everybody hated using them. I think half the guys just lied and said they used them for the pulse, but really used the other machines.
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    L Tec 225 Mig is not a pulse machine it was the machine that turned into the L Tec 250 migmaster and later the esab 250 migmaster.

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    We use one where I work everyday for repair and maintenance
    and its never given us any trouble.

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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    Do you happen to know what the age of the L-Tec 225 is. I have a chance to purchase one for between 4 or 5 hundred dollars, I would like to know the age and the worth of the machine. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You

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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    I hooked up my old neighbor with a deal on a used L-Tec 225 and it was a good machine for him. I think it was from the 80's or maybe early 90's. This one had an inductance control which was a very nice feature that for some reason most migs don't have anymore except for the very high end ones.

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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    I bought mine new in 1989 and have only done normal maintenance on it. I do not like it as well as my new machines for 3/8 and above with any wire I have tried in it but it is a 225amp machine so it does just fine for what it is. It is perfect for thinner material because it has a much softer arc than any you will use today. I also have a spool gun that I bought new also and it still works today. This is a fine unit but as listed above you will have to order everything for it your local welders supply will not stock anything for it. I still have a MT200 gun on it but I ordered 25ea .030, .035, 3/64(spool gun for alum) a long time ago and still have most of them. I do not use this machine very often anymore but I will keep it forever.
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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    Do any of you have a manual or an electrical schematic for your L Tec 225? I'm currently having some electrical issues. When i pull the trigger, the wire feed relay kicks on and off very rapidly but doesn't feed any wire. It continues to do this if I hold the trigger down until it eventually trips the breaker. I'm not sure if I have a bad relay or if something else could be causing the problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    In case anyone else is reading this thread, I located a manual for the Linde L TEC 225 welder and would be willing to provide it to anyone who needs it. If interested, send me an email at The file is roughly 2MB (20 pages long) and includes quite a bit of useful information including a schematic and wiring diagram.

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    Re: Buy a used L Tec 225 Mig Machine?

    can anyone tell me what diffusers are out there for the 225? everythings original so im taking it the 200 gun is on it. thanks so much

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