I have a Kohler K181EP. Its on a 6000 watt 110v " Only " generator which is marginally useful to me ). Engine is fresh maybe 20 hours run time on it since assembled.

So my questions:

I have heard from reasonably good source that old long stroke motors have more torque, and a newer motor I would need to go about 10-11 horse to get the same performance on a compressor as the older motor ( mine is a 8 hp ).

Second question my motor is a tapered shaft, is there any good way to convert it so I can get a pulley to run a air compressor? I have looked at the change the crankshaft option , ( can't find one and don't want to ) , and I am not pulling it apart to take to a machine shop to have it turned down. Is there any other way? My thought was I could take a pulley put it on my lathe match the taper and put set screws in it, just a thought maybe a bad one.

Anybody out there got or worked with a Kohler K181 ?