CWI part B question
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    CWI part B question

    i have a question about Part B in the CWI exam. I just completed the 10 day course. In the months before while I was waiting to start the course I studied as much material as I could to get prepared. One of the things i did to study for part B was through on online course. In that course they teach that when you are trying to figure out pre qualified procedure root sizes and root angles, if it asks for say root angle at fit up, you take the as specified and add or subtract from the as fit up column and that gives you your answer. In the 10 day course I just completed they told us to take the as specified, add or subtract from the as detailed and then add or subtract that to the as fit up to get your answer. can anyone tell me which is the correct way?

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    Re: CWI part B question

    In the real world, the as-fit numbers are tolerances. The ranges for as fit-up are always added to however it is detailed.

    For example, if you are designing the weld detail, and you specify 0-1/16" per the prequalified joint detail, your max root opening permitted during fabrication would be the 1/16" plus the larger of the as-fit tolerance numbers.

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    Re: CWI part B question

    yes but Im interested in the world of the AWS. in their phony part B code book they have two tables for pre qualified joints. they give you the root opening and grove angle as per the specification and then in a separate column they give you as detailed and fit up and in the test they ask several questions about what the openings and angles are for different joints. as i said before I have been told two different ways of how it is supposed to be done and I would just like to know if i did it properly or not
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