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    Re: My new TIG machine came in yesterday..

    Since you have experience welding, you shouldn't have any problem adjusting to TIG (except now there will be a lack of spatter and your cloths will look cleaner.)
    There are a couple of videos on the Internet that are pretty good in getting you started. The best I've seen for clarity is HTP's one on TIG. Covell makes a decent one as well. The HTP one has some of the clearest picture of the puddle you'll find anywhere.

    You'll find the biggest challange is typically not the torch but feeding the filler. Not to worry, there are videos on techniques for that as well. Youtube.

    The Miller packet is a good one, but Lincoln also has TIG welding packet. ESAB as well,but I would say ESAB is more like a power point presentation. Not sure were I got mine from Lincoln, I think my LWS gave it to me 15 years ago or so. The documentation you get from Lincoln and Miller are as good as any other written source. No need to look further.
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    Re: My new TIG machine came in yesterday..

    Hope you can get hold of an argon tank for the weekend. If not you are still out of luck with the welder. Maybe your wife can go by the LWS and get a small 40 /80 cuft tank for you. Didn't see anyone else mention that your welder is just the welder no tank, it may have hose an regulator in the box if not you will need them too. I assume you already have welding head shield and gloves. Also you will need a supply of tungsten electrodes to do much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 225 View Post
    Awesome!! I thought my work rig was cool. Not even close.
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    Here, let me Google that for you...

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