Fabshield 21b ?
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Thread: Fabshield 21b ?

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    Fabshield 21b ?

    I went to my lws to pick up some Fabshield 21b, and they no longer carry it in the 10lb rolls. I searched and found this at Tractor Supply, http://www.tractorsupply.com/hobart-035, is this E71T-11 the same as Fabshield 21b?

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    Re: Fabshield 21b ?

    I can't comment on if its the same or not, just because Ive never used "real" fabshield, but I can say that the TSC stuff is S M O K E Y ! ! ! In fact, its the smokiest electrode I've EVER ran. But it does run nice, just keep your head out of it. You might want to pick up a couple extra clear lenses before you start. lol.
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    Re: Fabshield 21b ?

    I never have bothered to figure out the company structure difference between Hobart and Hobart Brothers. Could be the ITW thing plays in there somewhere. Anyway I run both versions of T-11 and don't see any real significant difference. The Fabshield is a tiny bit more forgiving in voltage range but it's a real small difference. Not like Lincolns wire.
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