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    Re: Solar Eclipse and welding helmet

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeGyver View Post
    A solid shade 11 or so filter will work just fine. It's what I'm going to take if I go watch the eclipse.
    Yeah, 11 or so is about right for me too. I find a 10 makes me squint, and a 12 is a bit too dim for me for optimal viewing. By 14 (the max shade on my autodark), there's no detail left in the sun for me. People with blue eyes may want to go one shade darker.

    If you're going to a store to buy a shade, get one of the gold plated ones, and treat it VERY gently. The metallic shades give a better color rendition of the sun than tinted glass, but scratches in the surface can let dangerous light slip past. If you put one of these in a welding hood to view the sun, just put a clear cover lens on top, and you'll be safe.
    The best kind of solar filters are glass, metalized on both sides. That way a scratch on one side won't line up with a scratch on the other. This is what I have for my telescope, and it makes for some nice sunspot viewing.

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    Re: Solar Eclipse and welding helmet

    IR remote transmiot in pulses, so the hood might pulse on and off faster than one can tell letting strong light through.
    welding helmets auto darkening

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    Re: Solar Eclipse and welding helmet

    This is a little late, but, I tried two 11's to view the 'transit of venus' and they were too dark. (it was like a pea on a paper plate) I then tried an 11 with a oxy weld shade (dont know the # but it was pretty dark), it was just about right, 'however', I could not see anything till I THOROUGHLY cleaned both lenses. It was worth the effort, as there'll be no transit for 100+ years. -corne-

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    Re: Solar Eclipse and welding helmet

    I used fixed shade 10 to watch an eclipse back in high school,1986 or 1987 I think.

    Me and my kids used my auto dark on 12 last year to see a sun event (don't remember which one). Seemed ok.

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