Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem
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    Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    ok i just got this used pro-mig 135 yesterday from a buddy for free, he just got the new 140 lincoln.

    reason was his quit feeding wire. you hit the trigger, and the feed doesn't turn. i haven't had time to take it apart yet but it just doesnt pull the wire and feed it to the stinger.

    so if anyone has had this same problem or can help my out with any manuals or anything so i can get it fixed it would be greatly appreaciated.

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    I would start at the trigger first they take the most beating then see if you can hear the roller motor working

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    ok you turn it on and you can hear the fan come on, it would still strike the ark but not feed.

    the rollers that feed the wire aren't turning thats the problem, i couldn't really think of a way to explain it clearly.

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    no one knows???

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    Well it could be something as simple as the trigger itself, an onboard relay for the feed motor right on up to a cooked feed motor.

    You say it draws an arc if there is wire sticking out. (?). I assume that is with the trigger pulled. No arc with out pulling the trigger? You could test the trigger by shorting across the trigger connections in the machine. It's a simple loop closure with only minimal current necessary to operate the motor "run" circuitry.

    Start there.

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    so what use a piece of wire and just short the terminals?

    what will happen if i do so. also yes i can touch the wire to the ground clamp and it will try to run a bead, do it without the trigger pulled and nothing.

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    Check the manual.

    If you don't have the manual, go to Lincoln's website and download a PDF of the manual.

    Here is the page to get a manual for a Pro-MIG 135

    Per the manual (Page E-3), for no wire feed when everything else is working OK,
    1. If the wire drive motor is running make sure that the correct drive
    rolls are installed in the machine.
    2. Check for clogged cable liner or contact tip.
    3. Check for proper size cable liner and contact tip.

    I'd take the spool of wire out and then turn the machine on and then squeeze the trigger (Warning - the contact tip and also the drive rolls will be energized when you squeezed the trigger and for several seconds aftwards!). Does the drive roll turn? If yes, you have a cruddy liner, slipping drive roll, too much tension on the spool brake, or crudded tip. If not, then you need the unit serviced (bad board, relay, or drive motor).

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    Re: Pro-MIG 135 feeding problem

    Hi Folks,

    I've got a Lincoln ProMig 135 that hasn't had twenty pounds of wire through it. Tonight I tried to mount up a spool of .25 stainless wire and I cannot make the damn thing feed without surging. I can see the feed roller is off center. Is there any manufacturer's warranty for this problem?



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