Difference between Ac welding And Dc welding machines
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    Difference between Ac welding And Dc welding machines

    Guys i am look to purchase a cheap welding machine to practice with when am home. I want to practice my pipe welding that am struggling with right now. I am doing Stick welding with 6010 and 7018 rods 3/32 to 1/8 rods. If i use a machine that is ac weld only will there be a difference in my weld? Will it be the same as using dc welding machine. Will it be harder easier? the machine i was looking at getting is a machine i can just plug in right at home.

    250 AMP 110/220 Volt Coil AC ARC Welder Welding Machine OR

    Arc 160AMP 160 110V Arc Welder Stick Rod 2 to 4mm w/ Welding Mask


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    Re: Difference between Ac welding And Dc welding machines

    There is a difference.

    AC welding is doable for basic repairs and it can approximate what you get with DC. But to me, I can get better focus of my arc-force by using DC. The downside of DC is arc-blow, which is a magnetic "bending" of the arc-force in an undesired direction.

    But for the most part, you will be better served to start with DC capable machinery and with as much amp output capacity as you can afford.
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    Re: Difference between Ac welding And Dc welding machines

    6010 is DC only rod, the AC version is 6011.
    7018 is both, but it works better on DC. best will be 7018AC
    AC splatters more. Me I don't need or want a AC welder, DC only for me. AC machines are more hobby welding machines in my mind, but guys welding stainless will probably disagree with that statement.

    7024 is another AC rod.

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