Deciding Which Welder
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    Deciding Which Welder

    I am new to this forum and do not weld for a living. I have several mechanical hobbies and inevitably need to weld from time to time. I have done a little stick (arc) and gas welding over the years. Some in a welding class and some outside, but only have a OxyAcet set. I need to weld some 1/8" mild plate at the moment but also do some body work (sheet) and would also like to be able to weld 4130 steel tube and maybe aluminum down at some point. I think its finally time to buy a wire welder. Would MIG suit for all this? Any suggestions for best setup (model, key accessories)? I understand Miller/Hobart is a good choice, but that something above the bottom of the line many be a wiser way to go. Any guidance and wisdom would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome Aboard!!

    Hobart has a machine that would work great for you if you are just working steel, the HH180, it has tapped heat setting which make the setup on different material thicknesses' a breeze, You can weld aluminum with the HH180 but for aluminum i recommend the MM175 machine by Miller, It is setup so you can finetune the heat settings to better suit aluminum's welding properties.

    to give you an idea of price and total features visit they have a great selection and excellant pricing.


    Shop Full Of Stuff.


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    I like the 180 too,, I would consider skipping the alum with these little feeders though. It can be done,,, just is limited and may be frustrating at best. For years I did all my alum fitting and cleaning so all the prep was done and run it down to a welding shop to have it welded, didnt cost much with the fitup done. I have enough to do where having my own tig is worth it, but for the occasional piece or 2 it isnt worth it if you can find somewhere friendly to have it done. The MIG's really shine on steel and the 180 is a 230V uniy, which is a big + in my book. We always say, twice the machine as the 140, 20% more money,,, good bet anywhere.

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    Very much appreciate. Thanks guys.

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    Very much appreciate. Thanks guys.

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