Miller 350 vs Lincoln 350 MIG pulse
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    Miller 350 vs Lincoln 350 MIG pulse

    new to forums and posted question on some body else's topic so will try again.
    Am looking to buy a Miller 350P or a Lincoln 350 pulse. In the process of determining which to choose I get some advice favoring Lincoln saying it has a more stable arc and has a port for changing programs, can do DC tig or use stick. Those favoring Miller seem to be dedicated Miller fans. My dealer can get both but definitly favors Miller for better service and support he says. Apparently they have a better relationship with Miller. Has anyone used both and has a preference?
    Thanks for your patience and help so far.

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    Re: Miller 350 vs Lincoln 350 MIG pulse

    I'll weigh in for the Lincoln camp. The MP stands for Multi Process.

    I have used the PowerMig 215, 255, 300, and 350MP. The 300 has been upgraded & replaced by the 350MP, but both are the multi process units and I love 'em. I like being able to roll one machine around the shop, and still be able to switch between GMAW, GMAW-P, FCAW, SMAW, and DC GTAW with a push of button. I also use the PowerMigs for light Air Arc gouging at around 250 amps. If you choose to purchase a push-pull gun,or spool gun, the switches are easy to find and use. Yes, it also has a serial port inside the toolbox cover that is used for software upgrades from a laptop or PC.

    I have also used the MillerMatic 250, 251 and 350P for GMAW and FCAW dual shield applications. I personally do not think they provide the same value as the Lincoln units.

    It all depends on your application. Do you want a multi-process welding platform, or will the Miller 350P do what you want?

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    Re: Miller 350 vs Lincoln 350 MIG pulse

    There was a post about exactly this topic not too long ago. Someone did a back to back comparison of the two machines. Both turned out to be good, with a slight edge given to the Miller by the person who did the comparison. Comparison was done in a production shop and sounded like a pretty fair shakedown of both machines.

    I weld with the 350P at work every day, pulse-mig aluminum, mostly 16 ga with 4043 wire. I love welding with it! I loved it so much I bought one for myself for the home-shop. I have not used the Lincoln 350 machine, so no way for me to compare them.

    Two other machines you may want to consider are the Miller XMT 350MPa (or the Invision if you only want to wire-feed) and the Lincoln Invertec V350Pro. David R on here has the V350Pro with the pulser option and seems to really like it. He posts up pics of his welds with it often. Check out some of his posts. The XMT and V350 are both multi-process machines.

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    Re: Miller 350 vs Lincoln 350 MIG pulse

    I have a Miller 300 syncro wave that I have used for years for TIG. I now need something faster for lots of welding on 14 to 16 gauge steel plus 1/2 inch and aluminum of different thicknesses to answer your question. Stainless occasionally. Will be using the welder at two or three different locations so Tig on the Lincoln might be useful since it would take a forklift to move the Miller 300.
    Appreciate your help.

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