Ranger 9 exhaust
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    Ranger 9 exhaust

    So I have a Ranger 9 with a P218 onan and would like to make it Quieter. I have been told to visit my local RV shop for a Quieter muffler. Anyone with ideas would be great. The welder is mounted on my Shop Truck and and I want to have 110v work lights instead of 12volt, but only if I can Quiet the beast.

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    Re: Ranger 9 exhaust

    I ran into this once with my Bobcat. I had to have a residential critical muffler to weld in an upscale subdivision. The fat cats wanted all the work done, but didn't want to hear it.

    What I was going to have to do was this.....weld a threaded pipe elbow to the original muffler and fab a cradle or support of some kind that ran along the side of the machine to support the new muffler. The one I was going to get was threaded on one one end. So, when I needed it, all I had to do was screw it in and fire it up. When it wasn't needed, it could be removed easily. I was told that I could put up to 2 90° elbows on it without affecting the engine too much. That was according to B&R Welders repair guys. They were the ones that made the suggestion and gave me the directions.

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