Welding in Magnetic Fields
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    Welding in Magnetic Fields

    i m welding water heaters, when torch is close to the end the arc deflect.
    i think that is for magnetic field in .
    some one told me that i can change from DC to AC, to dissmiss this problem

    What parameters i need to change? filler metal, flux, voltage, current?

    welding parameters are:
    travel speed 100 in*min
    current 34-35amp
    voltage 21-28 volts
    feed speed 94 in * min
    base metal 1008 1.5 mm thickness

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    Re: Welding in Magnetic Fields

    Sounds like arc blow/wander, it's when the arc doesn't take the shortest path between the electrode and the workpiece.

    AC recduces this but sometimes not completely. There are other steps but i don't have details, something like changing the return lead point and such...

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    Re: Welding in Magnetic Fields

    moving the work clamp to the opposite end of the weld where the arc blow is happening sometimes works. clamping closer to the weld sometimes works. using 2 clamps on either side of the weld sometimes works. also make sure your leads are not laying parallel to each other, separate them or cross them over each other like an X.

    All stuff out of the book.

    AC works as a last resort. but I guess that would depend what process your using?
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