i finnially found a welding hood i like (huntsman)
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    i finnially found a welding hood i like (huntsman)

    a guy that just started with us has a huntsman 751 p. it is light and its smaller it fits up tight to your face and it has a 5x4.5 lens. i decided i want one. i went on the internet and found it and it says its for oxy ace cutting and welding only. now i know you dont want to weld over head 6010 with it as it is made of vulcanized fiber and most all i do is tig weld. what im asking is if i put my #11 shade in it i should be fine right. i really like this hood and i personally dont see anything wrong with it. i know a few old timers who swear by a huntsman but they use the ones with the lens that slides up inside it they had never seen one like this. does anyone on here use one or have any insight on them thanks for any help-Brett
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    Re: i finnially found a welding hood i like (huntsman)

    Some of the other welders at my old job liked the Huntsman fiber hoods. I prefer Jackson but I do like the light weight of the fiber fixed lens hoods. I don't know what model numbers they were. They had the regular 2x4 fixed lens. We were doing pulse mig on aluminum. I don't see why there would be any problem using it for TIG.

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    Re: i finnially found a welding hood i like (huntsman)

    I had problems with my huntsman warping and letting light in around where the outer lense moves up and down. I have a fiber metal now, Yeah its more heavy but I dont mess around when it comes to my eye sight, I just wish they made one with the flip up 4x5 lense.

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