L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG
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    L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    I'd like to get a manual/diagrams for this machine. Great welder. I would atleast like to know the duty cycle. Anyone got one laying around?

    The only problem I've had is on long beads at the higher settings. It seems to hiccup from time to time. It doesn't seem to be the feeder. It just loses power for a split second every now and then. Caps getting weak? Been running fluxcore mostly but same thing happens with gas. Thinking about setting it up as my dedicated stainless mig but want everything nominal first.
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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    esab own's the rights to Linde/L-tech now, so you can get most of all the old machine manuals from ESAB's web page. just kinda hard to find.


    start here.

    or Email the tech support at ESAB with your model number etc.As they dont have ALL the manuals on line if you cant find yours....

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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    duty cycle for this model is 30/25 according to nameplate on unit i just obtained. 23/18 amps

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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    I have the same machine. Got it from friend's father several years ago. Very low power output. I pulled the cover and gave it a quick visual. Caps aren't pregnant or burnt. Voltage and feed control board looks ok. Any pointers on troubleshooting? I deal with CCTV cameras and electronic bench repair, mostly basic power supply stuff. Do the main rectifier diodes go bad. Tried briefly to find info on esab site with no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd like to be able to use the machine this winter on some projects.

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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    Call ESAB on the phone and ask them for a manual.
    I looked on the web site also and did not find anything.

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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    I'm not doubting your electrical knowledge. Are you sure it's power?

    I ask this because a former customer had a similar issue. He was using cheap wire and every time he would weld every so often it would start to sputter. Took his machine apart, tested everything and could not find anything wrong with his machine. He finally checked several feet of his welding wire, and the wire was not the same thickness. Every so many feet the wire would be thicker than .045 size of wire he was using. He said that he would have bet money he had an electrical problem and was about ready to get a new machine. He actually went to the welding shop and measured several cheap brands and found they varied in thickness. Measured lincoln and said it is dead on. He did not measure other name brands like hobart or esab. If your using a cheaper wire (like I use sometimes) you might want to check out the wire.

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    Re: L-Tec Prestoweld 130 MIG

    Thanks guys. I'll try the wire and get back to you.
    Happy New Year

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