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Thread: NAPA MIG Welder

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    NAPA MIG Welder

    I was given an older NAPA MIG Welder, model 38-363, and the guy that gave it to me told me that it worked but it does need a few parts like the tensioner assembly, and a few screws. Does anyone know who made these for NAPA? If it can be fixed fairly cheap I would like to do so.

    Thx in advance

    Greg G

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    Re: NAPA MIG Welder

    Did you try napa?

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    Re: NAPA MIG Welder

    Yea, I talked to them and at the local store they have no idea of who made this welder. Yesterday they did give me the number to their local repair facility, I am going by there this afternoon and see if they might be able to identify the unit and maybe repair it. Hopefully they can get a manual for it also.

    Greg G

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    Re: NAPA MIG Welder

    If I had to guess, I think it was made by Daytona. If not, try Lincoln. They bought out Century.
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