Looking to make somthing
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    Looking to make somthing

    well i have a small 47 cc engine, from a pocket bike, the frame and stuff is crap so im thinking of making somthing else, somthing simple, like i wanna be able to use things i find laying around, i can use the breaks, tires, and engine and handle bars off the pocket bike, oh yea, and keep in mind im using a crappy craftsman mig, so i cant weld anything bigger than like 3/16

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    Nov 2004
    you ever seen those lil bitty go karts they got..... they use a motor like that and handle bars with those brakes...... could make the frame out of some 1/4 solid stock, or possibly small tubing...... they are extremely short and stubby, suit to your needs i reckon. or you could make a gas scooter.... or a powered lawn chair.... a powered skateboard...... make a chopper out of an old bike frame by cutting the neck off, grinding back the the frame to add rake, and reweld...... add length to your forks, mount the engine in it.... and voila..... a makeshift chopper..... experiment, with tires and fork sizes as well as handle bars....

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    It would make one he!! of a Weed Eater !

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    yea make a weed eater

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    You could mill as much off the motor as you can to save weight. Then build you a radio controlled 1/4 scale Piper Cub and instal the motor in it. You would be able to go vertical with 5 feet of roll out! LOL

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