HF Punch and Flange (pneumatic)
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    HF Punch and Flange (pneumatic)

    Anyone have any experience with this piece? http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...temnumber=1110

    I'll be replacing the floor pans in a car I'm restoring, and I thought this would come in very handy. I'm a little apprehensive about its claims to be able to work with 16 gauge. I have a set of HF metal shears that is rated for 14 gauge, and I have broken those jaws twice after about 20 linear inches of cutting 16 gauge.

    Any opinions?

    I should add that I'll be fabricating a shallow tray for the floor pan to sit in (I need the extra legroom) and rosette (plug) welding in the 16 gauge floor to the 20 gauge tray. I think the punch would be great for making the rosette holes and the flange while not absolutely necessary here might be nice should I need to do body skin (which I likely will have to do)
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    Re: HF Punch and Flange (pneumatic)

    I'm going to buy that soon. Get the warr if they offer it. You have to oil it daily though. My air saw went up but I didn't oil it. I made a lot of money off of it though. Waiting for it to go back on sale again.

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    Re: HF Punch and Flange (pneumatic) I love this thing! no deburring holes anymore!

    yeah I just got this today. I need to punch a LOT of holes 1/2" inch deep into aluminum that is 16 guage. hinges, tubes etc. Well the tool only punches about 1/4" deep!!!!!

    five minutes with a hack saw solved that, I just enlarged the throat.

    Then I couldn't fit the darn thing into the 1" square tube I use all the time.
    so another five minutes with an angle grinder and I cut off the "flange" top part and now it is good to go!

    hopefully it last a long time I plan on using it daily
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