Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?
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    Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    Hello All,

    I'm a welding newbie and new to the forums, but very interested in buying a mig welder for home/hobby use.

    I'm considering purchasing a Hobart Beta Mig 250 that is being sold as surplus by a local metal fab. shop (asking $575.) For my purposes this is an elephant gun and WAY more than I would need. However, it seems that for about the same money as the chinese offerings from Harbour Freight (many of which feature a 25% duty cycle) I can get a serious tool that I'll never outgrow, assuming it doesn't break down.

    I called Hobart today with the S/N and they were kind enough to send me a manual. They indicated that replacement parts are still available for this unit, with the possible exception of the transformer. One strange thing I discovered from Hobart is that the unit is from 1992 though the fab shop says it was new in 1999. Haven't spoken with them yet to find out if there's a reason for the discrepency.

    Alternatively, something along the lines of this Clarke 180EN looks pretty good to me. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/tls/825481145.html

    Can anyone advise me on whether or not this seems like a good idea? Many thanks in advance!

    Clay Johnson

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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    Welcome to the forum. I would not worry about the transformer going out. I would think that is the least likely component to fail. I'd buy the Betamig over the Clark any day.

    The clark does not compare. Personally, I'd stick with brand names (Miller, Hobart, Miller, Esab).
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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    Yep, I agree with CRAWLER. I have a beta 250, used it at work for 15 years, left the job and bought the welder from them. never had problems ('cept for driving over the gun) and it is a good welder for all around use.

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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    If the beta mig is in good shape then get it they are a lifetime welder for a home person.
    I have one and they are a great stout welder made to last old school welder.

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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?


    Did you get the manual in pdf format? Can you post it or email it? I, too, have the same unit, and need a manual.

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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    we've got a betamig 250 from the mid 90's at school that we still use every single day! talk about a welder that you can't kill, and believe me, my students have tried! great welder and i believe you can still get all parts from miller except for the piecemaker gun. i believe they quit making those years ago so parts for them come from finding a used one or just changing out the gun.
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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    Hi, i have the manual in case someone needs, 52*1048038*2 or cuadraniel@hotmail.com, good luck

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    Re: Hobart Beta Mig 250 - A good idea to buy?

    Sorry, no longer have the 250 manual, still have for 200 now

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