tig with ranger 8
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    tig with ranger 8


    what is required to tig with a ranger 8?
    is it possible to tig in the ac position, for welding alu?
    Since I don't have hf, would it only be harder to start welding, or also put more limitations?
    Is the ranger 8 ready to accept a foot pedal as is, or is another module required?

    My main use would be to weld aluminium.


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    Re: tig with ranger 8

    Do a search, this exact topic has come up before.

    You cannot AC tig with out a Hi Freq on a sine wave machine.

    Ranger 8 has no remote capabilities.

    It can be done, but there sure are better machines and ways to do it.

    Real world weldin.

    When I grow up I want to be a tig weldor.

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