Millermatic 200
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Thread: Millermatic 200

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    Millermatic 200

    Is $400 a good price for a millermatic 200, cobra head ,cart and 1 bottle?
    and can you add a spool gun on that model?

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    Re: Millermatic 200

    Yes you can add a spool gun. I have it on mine
    weld it like you own it

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    Re: Millermatic 200

    400.00 is a give away price, especially with a cylinder. The MM200 takes a Spoolmatic 3 or Spoolmatic 1 depending on the receptacle in the lower right corner. 4 pin is Spoolmatic 1, 14 pin takes 3 model. weldersales

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    Re: Millermatic 200

    As stated thats an awesome price. Let me know if you don't take it as I might if the shipping isn't to bad.
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    Re: Millermatic 200

    My Millermatic 200 is 22 years old and going strong. It was my first GMAW machine and has been used with solid wire, cored wire, and 4-pin spool gun for aluminum.

    I wouldn't sell it for $1000.00. Paid $1400 new in 1986.

    If the machine is in working order and the owner looks like he took decent care of it then It is a steal in my opioion. A very nice MM200 unit sold on ebay with 4-pin spool gun for $1500 last month. It was hard not to bid on it but then again I now invest in Inverter units.

    For general welding and repair you can't go wrong with that machine.

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    Re: Millermatic 200

    That's a great deal if it's completely operational and even better if equipped with the optional spot weld control as my 1980 vintage still running strong MM200 is. Many that gave up their MM200's for a newer unit regretted doing so.

    As weldersales states, the Spoolmatic 1 works with first generation MM200's (Prior to JJ407380)equipped with a 4-pin spool gun plug and the SM 3 with later generation MM200's (Effective with JJ407380) with 14-pin plugs. However, Miller has an adapter cord (Kit #042236 - $100 special order) that allows use of a SM 3 on pre-JJ407380 units.

    Another option for using a SM 3 on an earlier MM200 is to change the SM 3 14-pin plug to a 4-pin for a direct connect without the need for the $100 adapter cord. That's the set up I have on my MM200.

    Yet another spoolgun option is using a WC-24 weld control and 042236 adapter cord with a newer Spoolmatic 15A or 30A but this can get expensive unless you can find a good deal on ebay, craig's list or ?? that come up from time to time.
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    Re: Millermatic 200

    Hear it is!
    Its got the 4 pin connector.

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