precision tig 275
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    precision tig 275

    I have the Precision tig 275 with pulse module, and the pump for the torch is leaking. I am being told the seals are not replaceable and I have to replace the pump. Lincoln wants over $400 for the pump. Does anyone know of a cheaper pump that would work?

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    Re: precision tig 275

    I thonk that your cooler has a Procon pump, like one of the following


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    Re: precision tig 275

    Lincoln's Magnum coolers use a diaphragm pump, not a rotary vane pump like a Procon. I don't know about the newer model cool arcs. In no particular order I think your options are:

    1. Homemade tig cooler. You can probably have one running pretty cheap by reusing parts from your Lincoln cooler like the tank, fan, heat exchanger, fittings, etc. Keep in mind that if you have a water solenoid on your machine you will have to account for that.

    2. You can try to cross reference the pump manufacturer's model number and look for a cheaper source or cheaper compatible pump.

    3. If you need the machine for business and don't have time to play around with it just replace the pump or replace it with a different cooler Bernard, Binzel, ITW, etc. and chalk it up to the cost of doing biz.

    Good luck hope this helps. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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    Re: precision tig 275

    We have rebuilt Procon pumps for $195.00
    Give me a call 407-681-6064

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