Precision tig 275 and Syncrowave 250 comparison
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    Precision tig 275 and Syncrowave 250 comparison

    I've spent a lot of hours on an older style syncro 300, dynasty 300, dynasty 200 but I've never used either a precision tig 275 or a syncrowave 250dx.
    Looking for another toy and was wonderin' if anyone has any useful input on either unit.

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    Re: Precision tig 275 and Syncrowave 250 comparison

    I compared the Precision Tig 225 and the Syncrowave 250 (only ones I could get my hands on) before buying one. I felt like the Lincoln started smoother than the Miller, and I had a bad taste in my mouth from Millers warranty service on my MIG machine, so I picked the Lincoln. Other than the ease of starting the arc, I couldn't say there was much of a difference. The Miller torch felt odd to me, having never held one before, but that can be changed.
    Lincoln PowerMIG 215XT
    Lincoln Precision TIG 225
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