Miller syncrowave 300 (s)
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    Miller syncrowave 300 (s)

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    I found this on Craigslist and was wondering if its worth the price they are asking. They want 1400 Obo and I think what you see in the pictures is what it comes with. I have only tig welded probably 30 minutes back in shop class in 2005 so I'm not a tig welder by any means but wanna learn, so would this be a good place to start? Also I read somewhere that the s in 300 s means that this machine will only do ac is that true?
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Miller syncrowave 300 (s)

    That's a fair price, although I have seen them cheaper. The (S) designation stands for Special, or non production model. If you look at the two DRO meters, you will see the unit has a Digi Meter installed right in the panel of the machine, which is not a regular factory option. It is a shunted DC meter usually sold as a stand alone unit. I actually own one. It's on my load bank.

    Miller manufactured a number of special order machines for large customers (mainly the military) & the only Syncrowave machines that are AC only state so on the face panel. It says Syncrowave AC.

    You'll need a solid 100 amps @ 230 VAC to power it to full output, it will run on less, but not well. It also weighs about 800 lbs.

    If anything, it's unique & the meters make it worth a little more. They will only display actual output tho, not preset values.

    IMHO of course
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    Re: Miller syncrowave 300 (s)

    Never knew about the (S) but I've seen a couple specials. Thought it would be cool to have one w/ the built in sequencer for welding out of position w/ a momentary switch.

    If you've got 100a, it's the last TIG you'll ever own.
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    Re: Miller syncrowave 300 (s)

    I have done a lot of dc tig welding and stick welding with that same machine. Good shop machine. Not portable and will take up some space, as you can see.
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