help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform
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    help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform

    hello, i would like to be able to build an adjustable speed bag platform because the ones for sale cost way too much. ive been visiting a speed bag forum where alot of other people build there own platforms but usually they are wood, and any metal ones they build dont adjust, so i know there are others on that board who would appreciate any answers to my q's. i would like it to look like any of these

    in the first link and the first pic of the second there a special name that you would call steel tubing when it has that "sliding sleeve" around? is there any place i can buy a pre drilled rail (seems like it would be hard to get all the holes perfect on both sides) and a prewelded pop pin "sleeve"? ive searched for a couple days now and cant find anything online, the only thing i found out was the pins are called pop pins. also what would the remaining "slide mounts" on the second page be known as? thanks for nay help!!!
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    Re: help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform

    All you need is seamless tubing sized so they nest in eachother. Local metal supplier should be able to provide that. Measure and mark the hole locations carefully and drill them on a drill press, clamped in a vice mounted to the drill press table. The pins may also be called hitch pins. Or you could weld nuts centered over the holes and thread bolts into them, tighten bolts down to keep tube in place.

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    Re: help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Another thought might be to use perferated angle iron. ( the sort of stuff you see garage door tracks and openers hung with frequently). Depo carries some and you can get heavier material at some suppliers. You could mount 2 pieces on each side sort of like this _| |_ and put a "spacer" in between top and bottom to keep them seperated. Mount the unit to a piece of square tube with holes drilled to match the perf angle.

    Another thought if you don't weld, post up where you are from. Maybe some one here is local and will give you a deal to help you out. With things the way they are now a days, lots of guys will take all the small side jobs I could get.

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    Re: help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform

    ah, it seems peforated was the magic word. ijust thought to try that shortly before you said it. i found "telescoping perforated" steel tubes for about $10. i actually dont have welding equipment, and was gonna ask the local high school to do it, as we used to do jobs for people wheni was in the class. but i live in grand forks north dakota, and go home to the bemiji minnesota area alot. so if anyone is around either of those areas and would consider building this|speed%20bag%20p latforms|ms0057 let me know how much you would charge. a plate welded to the arm would be best for attaching the board. if anyone is interesed, please let me know seperate pricing for the adjustable arm and the two wall brackets, as i could use boards if the price savings was worh it. thanks for the help guys!

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    Re: help, how to build adjustable speed bag platform

    Should be able to get this stuff at the local steel supplier. HD may even have some.
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