welding Inconel to 304 SS
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    welding Inconel to 304 SS

    What filler rod should I use to weld Inconel 600 series to 304 SS.
    Also, if I chose to use Monel 400, what should I use to weld to 304 SS.
    And is it easier to weld Inco or monel to 316 SS or is it the same as 304.
    The Inco will be 1400 degrees F but the 304 will only be 200 to 300 degrees.
    This is a gas burner so cracks will leak A/F mixture.
    Any tips welcome.

    Thanks, Dave
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    Re: welding Inconel to 304 SS

    I can't tell you but if no one else here does, you can try contacting the Specailty Metals Corp. at


    They have a contact option and should be capable of answering any question you have about their products.

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    Re: welding Inconel to 304 SS

    If these different types of material joints exist you can satisfy base on 304/316. I think ENiCrFe-3/E309MoL-16 is OK for your situation, cause the only thing you need attention is no cracks in the welds.
    For Inconel 600 and Monel 400 themselves you can use ENiCrFe-3/ENiCrMo-3 and ENiCu-7 which depends on the working conditions (strength or temperature).

    (these kind of welding rod we mainly used were imported from Techalloy、SMC、Avesta)
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