old sears welder
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    old sears welder

    I just picked up a sears welder model 113 201440, it has what they call infinite amp selection,I hooked it up to a 30 amp 220volt circuit and tried to run a bead with 6011 rod the weld seemed to blow all over,thried 6013 and it ran a good bead, tried 7018 and couldnt even get it to strike a good arc.Can any one give me a clue why it will weld 6013 1/8 inch but wont 6011 or 7018 1/8 inch.
    Thanks for any input

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    well Just a couple of thoughts, but...

    If that welder is an AC machine then using a standard 7018 rod will be tough because most are designed to run on DC current. Some of the larger industrial machines can pull the 7018's, but I have never seen one that satisfied me. You can buy a 7018 AC which is designed for the smaller "buzz boxes" etc... and they seem to work well for there intended purpose. As far as the 6011 I am not sure, the 6011 has a harsher arc than the 6013 and the bead appearance will not be near as nice as with the 6013, 7014, or the 7018. Good luck ~Jackson

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