Lincoln weld pak 100 problems
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    Lincoln weld pak 100 problems

    I recently bought a 7-9 year old lincoln weld pak 100 off craigslist and have started to weld for the first time. I started using the flux core wire for some suspension components on my car and am going to be starting on some thinner sheet metal that I want to use MIG on. The welder came with the gas conversion already installed, all I had to do was buy a tank which I did. So I went out today and was changing out the wire and hooking up the regulator. I was ready to start and was playing around with the wire feed tension because it was slipping a little, while I was doing this I noticed that the gas wasn't hissing at the nozzle but instead it was hissing where the hose connects to the welder. Upon further investigation I figured out that the end wasn't going all the way into the machine and allowing the gas to escape. Theres no wire bunched up in there either. Heres some pictures to show what I mean:

    Thats how far in the end would allow, I didn't push too hard as I didn't want to break something. What do you guys think the problem is? This is my first welder so I'm learning as I go, any help is greatly appreciated. I did notice that one of the o-rings was broken so I took that off, I don't think it would cause this problem.

    As a little side note, the welder came with a single gauge regulator, the gauge measures the amount of gas in the tank (goes up to 4000psi), how do I know how much gas is coming out? And how do you adjust it, theres no knob on it, it does have an acorn nut though. Its a lincoln magnum regulator.

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    Re: Lincoln weld pak 100 problems

    There's a thumbscrew on top of the brass block inside the machine. This "locks" the cable in place when inserted from the outside of the machine. Perhaps you need to back it out a bit to fully insert the cable? Then tighten it down again.

    The Orings are important. I hope you replaced the broken one you removed.
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