"Super Lag" circuit breaker
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    "Super Lag" circuit breaker

    I just purchased a Lincoln Pro Mig 175. In the docs is says to use a "40 super lag" fuse or circuit breaker. I know about slow blow fuses, but is there any such thing as a "slow blow" circuit breaker (which is what I assume this means). If so, does anyone have a brand name and part number? I've looked and asked everywhere including Graybar and Grainger. Everyone looks at me like I've got a horn growing out of my head! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Do a google search. It seems to me that it is a time delay fuse that has a longer than usual delay. In most cases people use breakers at only 40 amps. "Super Lag" is used by Bussman brand for one.

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    I really think the 'super lag' reference is for the fuses only. Of course there are equipment type breakers that allow for extreme surge currents before tripping. These are usually reserved for equipment with motors and/or big start-up requirements.

    Since the 175 only pulls 20 to 22 amps at max and they are calling for a dang 40 amp fuse or breaker you've already got a "no-blow" situation going as far as anything the welder can do through usage. The welder itself has an internal trip device that's going to open before a 40 amp breaker or fuse ever will. And in the case of a fault a slow blow isn't going to matter a lot.

    Personally I think their manual leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Thanks for help

    Lotechman, you're right. The "super-lag" is a buss trade name for some of their fuses. No breakers though. Sandy, I agree, their manual is lacking. The 175 does draw only 20 to 22 amps, so I think I'll just use a 40 amp and see what happens.

    Thanks, both of you, for taking your time to reply. Have a good one....Jim.
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