Teckno Entry Arch Trellis
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    Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Another "how much fun can I have with square tube?" project! Now we're getting closer to present day.
    Couldn't post these while doing them because various projects keep overlapping and who knows when one will finish???

    Pic#1 Start with a drawing, of course! Dated Feb 2011, idea from 2008. Why does it look like this? I was bored - -
    the wall and gate rebuild projects needed an arch, and my initial design in 2006 was the same shape, but wood frame and stucco to match the house!!! BORING!

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    Pic#2 October 2012 - only a year ago! Where do we start a project like this??? How 'bout at the bottom?
    Make a frame, then two more at the joint to the top span - to control the shape in plan.
    Stack 'em & tack 'em! Get one perfectly square and flat, then tack the other five together on top of it.

    Originally considered building the front face first, then the back, then 2x2x16" spacers between.
    Too big for my shop - - needed 4'x18' table to do that comfortably.

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    Pic#3 Butt welded top & bottom miters first. The joints were gapped about .030, and they look a little high or "cold", but on the test sample, I had full pen (and more!) to the inside of the .083" tube. HH140, .030, C25, V=2, speed 30.

    Tried grinding the corners with 3000rpm 7" grinder. I like the 4.5" at "medium" speed better.

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    Pic#4 Six finished. Inside corners actually look a little better than the picture - it must be the light!
    Outside should have been left square to be sanded in line with the upright tubes' outside corner.

    Welding table note: I thought that a couple hollow metal doors, 3070x18ga face, would make a useable welding and layout table for this and the entry door. NO. It doesn't. The heat from even a moderate weld "bubbles" the top up 1/8" under it, and pretty soon the whole surface is full of 1/16" hills and valleys. It shows in the last of that stack of frames. If I set them on two boards, #6 wouldn't stick up.

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    Pic#5 Actually rather important! This shows the arch foundations / planters - (a big project itself!), and the bottom frames aligned with the arch top span longitudinal tubes. Note that the anchor bolts are - as usual - never quite in the corner as perfectly as we want them!
    And ... OH CRAP ... ... the length is 5" longer than the drawing!!! So ...

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    Next ...
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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Pic#1 New drawing! Well, just a hand revision to re-calc the arch span "rung" spacing 3/8" wider (x13 = 5"), and adding vertical "mullions" between the upright's rungs for interest. And, just possibly, a sketch for a stainless steel fountain?

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    Pic#2 The two bottom frames have 3/8"x4x4 gusset plates with every hole in a different place. The four other frames join the top of the upright frames to the bottom of the arch span. They carry less load and are 1/4" thick, with all the holes in the same place!

    Locate all with a 1/2" plate for uniform bearing height, space out with a popsicle stick (.075"), and tack with the HH140, set to "KILL"! That means V=4 and speed=50 with C25 & .030 L-56 wire.

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    Pic#3 Now roll out the REAL welder that can actually be set to KILL! In fact, it would like its own 125A 3 phase breaker but the whole house has a 100A main! Turn it way down and burn in the gussets. Doesn't look as blue as I expected! .045, C25, 21v, 120(?)A.

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    Pic#4 2x2x14ga spacer tube, 3" long. At location "A" in the drawing, they support the arch span on the uprights.
    Weld all around with HH set to "kill".

    These point "up" when finished so the gusset plate above keeps the water out. If any perchance gets in and gets rusty, there is a 3/16" weep hole thru the plate at the inside corner of the tube to drain it away from the frame.

    Name:  a09.jpg
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    Pic#5 Start tacking the upright tubes between the t&b frames. Right frame is bottom, left is top.
    The topless (took the doors off) "ad hoc" welding table works great for this! Square in every direction.

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    Next ...
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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Pic#1 "Rungs" for the upright frames. Top one was temporarily the pattern. I bevelled the ends of each piece on 3 sides with the belt grinder. All 240 edges! Drop in the 4 pieces, weld inside corners vert down, then outside corners. Ten of them, 16x20", 1"sq x 14ga tube.
    If I were to do it over, I would use 16ga. This isn't the "Rust Belt", was "gilding the lily" for the sake of easier welds.
    Anybody remember solid bar stock pickets for wrought iron fences? So they didn't rust out quick?

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    Pic#2 Marked the uprights for four of these rungs spaced 10" apart. Primitive spacers actually worked! But had to keep them off the miter welds. Tack once at each corner. After the first rung, I screwed a board between opposite corner boards so they wouldn't keep falling over!

    Name:  a12.jpg
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    Pic#3 1/2"x1"x16ga "mullions". Found a nice straight 2x4, lined up some blocks, called it a jig, and clamped 'em in to tack.

    Name:  a13.jpg
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    Pic#4 After it was all tacked, I welded everything together. Ground & sanded all "outside" faces of 2x2 frame.
    Left all other welds exposed, fillets, rungs & mullions wire brushed only.
    Then Ospho washed, shot with Galvax, sanded, then Rusto Rusty Metal Primer.

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    Pic#5 Starting the arch span, upside down.
    A real PITA to get the base frame and uprights all square and aligned in "midair" just to get two tacks per joint.

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    Half way there ... Next ...

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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Pic#1 2x2x14ga tube rolled to radius shown on drawing. A local fabricator did the two for a Benjamin.
    Was actually easiest to calculate and check by giving him the chord length and rise in the drawing.
    Hit it perfect! Aligned and tacked it, then tacked in four rungs to "locate" (?) everything.
    The arch span top "frame" (20"w x 16'L) had to be straightened "out" with a couple 2x4 blocks, then in again with a bar clamp to fit!

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    Pic#2 Starting to shape up - lotsa rungs tacked in! Looks like something to drive thru?!?

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    Pic#3 Right side up. Fully welded - over a hundred welds 2" long, maybe 500 1" welds, how many miter cuts???
    Reground a cold chisel (flat back, 45deg face) to remove splatter.
    Turned the arch 90deg four times so most joints could be welded in flat position or vertical down. Getting heavy - 260#!

    Name:  a18.jpg
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    Pic#4 A ring roller! Sorry - turned off the flame to take the pic - didn't want to set myself on fire!
    (Ask me how I know) 3/16" cold rolled around a 1/2" bolt.

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    Pic#5 Slice one side. Pry off with small screwdriver.

    Name:  a20.jpg
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    Next ...

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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Pic#1 All will be flattened like the left ones. These are for the rope to lace a shade screen to the arch.
    Was going to use 1/2" lockwashers, but wind will constantly flap the shadescreen around and move the ropes back and forth across the lock washers' square edges, slowly fraying them.

    Name:  a21.jpg
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    Pic#2 Prep to paint. Washed with Ospho to "phosphatize", rinse, sponge and repeat.
    Rings are under the top front tube at locations "A".
    There are four 1/2"FPT bungs "B" in the other top tube to mount lighting fixtures and run wire.
    Probably something like these - smaller if possible.

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    Pic#3 Invisible DISASTER! After shooting with Galvax, (ScotchBrite) sanding, and Rusty Metal Primer; then sanding and spraying Rustoleum Enamel 2nd to last coat, had a minor dust storm while still tacky! Whole thing felt like sandpaper! The red is the dust being wet sanded out w/220 Wet-or-Dry. After a extra couple days work, I was back to where I was when I finished spraying!
    This is how the welds look without grinding or sanding, for all joints except the outside faces of the 2x2's. Gray topcoat next.

    Name:  a23.jpg
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    Pic#4 After the gray topcoat dried for a few days, I flipped it over on the trailer. Two 2x6's screwed down and wrapped with towels protected the paint. Then another loose one, also wrapped, allowed me to pick up one end and slide it on to the near sawhorse. Then the far one.

    Name:  a24.jpg
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    Pic#5 Okay, now what?!? Uprights 70# ea, span 260#, total = 400# vs me - 180# (old & tired, but NOT grumpy) and alone!

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    Next ...

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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    Steel Erection!

    Pic#1 Somehow moved the sawhorses, screwed two 2x4's to each, laid down arch span and uprights. Loosely bolted together with a 1/2" bolt in each joint tube. Bottom of uprights will pivot against the (padded) anchor bolts.

    Name:  a26.jpg
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    Pic#2 Used a 6' 2x4 to lever the center up on that stack of bricks fulcrum. Wrapped the arch with a towel, of course.
    Turned around the vert 2x4 with the block screwed to it so that when I lifted it 6", the block would "fall" under the arch top tube. Rest.
    Then take the block on the "shorter" 2x4 and move it up a foot. Repeat. That got me up to almost 5' high, or about 40deg ...

    Name:  a27.jpg
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    Pic#3 ... which was high enough to get the crane under! Wrapped the curved tube with towel and crane's chain to get it up another 20deg! Bottom is "sliding" against 5/8" anchor bolts 2" tall. Notice the yellow strap, and the orange one.

    Name:  a28.jpg
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    Pic#4 It would be easy to pull it up the rest of the way with a 2" strap and fence puller, but there's nothing there to anchor to! WAIT! Get the Tahoe! My favorite POWER TOOL! Move it's trailer hitch in line with the centerline of the arch - if I pull at an angle, the bottom slips off the anchor bolts. Zero effort to pull it the rest of the way, but to avoid accidents (overshoot ), ran an orange strap back to the porch beam.

    Name:  a29.jpg
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    Pic#5 Had to throw in the gratuitious sunset picture for the glitter!

    Name:  a30.jpg
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    Next ...
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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    DONE! That's all folks ...

    Pic#1 Patio somewhat furnished ... plants, director's chair, lions ... tank!
    Part of the arch's purpose was to be a trellis for two wisteria or other vines, to fill up / cover up all that work!
    It also anchors a shade screen - that patio gets HOT!
    Needed a little extra tube fabrication on the roof to support the far corners and the right edge.
    There are rings on the outside top to support shade screen over the driveway if I feel like it.
    White squares in gate are to be replaced with sawed glass block this winter.
    The pavers, concrete planters, irrigation, etc were all BIG projects done concurrently (sorta) with the arch, door & gate;
    AND a half dozen other renovation projects; and stretched out ALL the projects to almost two years.

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    Post-Mortem - Time & Materials & Issues

    Foundations: Left at lawn is 10cu ft (1500# concrete), patio 6cf;
    Materials including stucco were about $150.
    Labor, 56hrs.

    Arch: 16'w x 8'h x 2'd
    Materials: Total about $600
    (7) sticks 2x2x14ga @$40ea = $280
    (9) sticks 1x1x14ga @$20ea = $180
    (3) sticks 1/2x1x16ga@$13ea = $40
    Paint supplies and misc hdwe are a guess at about $100
    About a quart of paint for each coat, but Galvax was most expensive at about $120/gal shipped.
    Labor, about 205hrs including shade.

    DZasters: Design error doing arch spans with continuous horizontal "rung" instead of vertical rungs wasted 26hrs.
    Interestingly I recovered from that in about 7hrs. Lost 3hrs more trying to roll my own tube and 3hrs more on misc.

    Weather DZaster - "repair" after the dust storm lost 19hrs.
    Didn't count these 50hrs in the total above.

    Will bump the door and gate threads with T&M data as soon as I add it up ... "Inquiring Minds ..."

    Thanks for Lookin'! Teckno questions welcome!
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    Re: Teckno Entry Arch Trellis

    That turned out really nice. Great job. Shoot, after reading that I feel like I could build one of those, but it would take me 3 years instead of 1.

    Thanks for posting

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