going to look at a redface What to look for?
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    going to look at a redface What to look for?

    Hello all
    I am going to look at a redface in the AM what do I need to look for in the way of issues and the such. The seller says it runs and welds(no leads with it, so you can bet your @$$ I am taking my extra set with me) to test it. I can post up some pictures from his ad.

    Any advice would be great as I have been looking for an sa200 to restore and the price is right for me...cheap

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    Re: going to look at a redface What to look for?

    likes like a solid machine, or at least one that hasnt been beat on and messed with, check the oil, check the radiator. listen for noises in the motor etc. as for the gen side. Idk what to tell you, if it welds buy it. Even if it didnt and it was cheap I would buy it.
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    Re: going to look at a redface What to look for?

    cowboy did you buy her? if not can pass info where she at ? this blue tint is my be one that missing from my collection thanks charlie

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