Teach me how to MIG weld
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    Teach me how to MIG weld

    Looking for someone in Arizona (Phoenix East Valley) to spend a few hours with me and show me how to FLUX and MIG weld.

    I prefer not to take a class at the local college because I dont want to make a career out of this - just for hobby use only. I also dont want to learn any other types of welding right now - or the history of welding....or the grade or credit for the class...

    I just want to jump right into welding by watching someone and having them show me a few techniques - the right way and the wrong way.

    I have a Craftsman MIG 180 welder - and I would prefer someone to teach me on a similar unit.

    Would prefer someone that has taught before or someone with a few years experience.

    Please send me a personal message or reply to this thread if you are interested along with what you would charge.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Teach me how to MIG weld

    If your willing to drive a bit, I could help ya out. I'm in Yuma, have a Hobart 175A & Lincoln 175A mig's. One is set up for gas, the other is set up for flux core.

    PM me if your interested.
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    Re: Teach me how to MIG weld

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the invitation.

    Unfortunately I live in the way Easy Valley (Queen Creek area) it would be quite a haul out there....


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