best rods for A.C. stick
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    best rods for A.C. stick

    i have a ac stick welder and an over abundance of 6010, and 7018 are these gona be ok for e or do i need to get some othere size lets sya for stuff like welding bed frame thickness steel and or a mower deck just for practice

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    Re: best rods for A.C. stick

    6010 & 7018 are primarily DC rods. I know 7018 can be run AC but the 7018AC rods run better than straight 7018.

    6011, 6013, 7014 are all good AC rods as well as 7018 AC.

    6011 is the AC equivilant of 6010.

    6013 is a good light duty thin materials rod for mower decks and such. You can get it in really thin sizes like 1/16".

    I've always liked 7014. It's a good easy to run all position rod thats as strong as 7018 for many things.

    I started out way too many years ago with an old Craftsman AC machine with plug jack like you machine. Since I picked up an AC/DC miller 12 years ago or my newer Sync 200 I seldom use AC stick.

    If the stuff semi thin, I'd go with 3/32 rod or 1/8" on the bed frames. Sheet metal 1/16" or 3/32". Usually I would use 7014, but 6013 will work good also.
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    Re: best rods for A.C. stick

    Good ingo and advice from DSW.

    6011 if you really need to penetrate deep in heavier material and apperance doesn't need to be super smooth. The bead can be fairly rough depending on your manipulation technique, there is more spatter than with 6013 and 7014, and it can tend to give more problems with sticking to the workpiece. This is a great all position rod for vertical up and overhead and works well with a "whip and pause" manipulation. Pause to melt in an deposit metal, whip forward and away a bit to allow the puddle to chill, repeat. On the root pass you see the keyhole form thru to the backside, then whip forward to let it cool and not burn the keyhole too large, then come back in to deposit metal and open the keyhole again. Slag removale can be a pain.

    6013 is a very forgiving rod, shallow penetration, easy to make a smooth weld and low spatter, and easier slag removale

    7014 is awesome for super smooth flat joints and horizontal fillets. This is a true "drag rod" that works well when the tip of the rod coating is actually lightly dragged along on the joint surface. A common problem is that the slag can get ahead of the puddle and leave slag pockets and entrapments. A slight uphill angle to the joint helps let the slag stay back as you weld along up the grade. The slag on 7014 should ideally peel up in a curl as you move along and the weld solidifies and cools.

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