So I am working on finish quality and I nget the idea to spray my coolant. So I am working on the coolant pump and nozzle. The pictures of nthat are self explanitary. I want to educate myself, so I get the idea to pay a visit to my friend Johnny Brenner. He runs the B-Tech Solutions division of Brenner Aerostructures . After I explain to him what I am attempting to do, He says come-on with me I want you talk with someone. He introduces me to a guy that has worked for them for 25 years and he says this is the guy that knows more than he does about grinding.

So the guy spends about 45 minutes giving me a grinding education. Sharp guy, I mean really sharp.

And before I leave he gives me a tube of this LPS Edge. He says touch the wheels with it before you start cutting. It is a solid waxy stuff and it works great.

He told me that the Edge lasts for about an hour of grinding. I haven't gone that long yet but it seems to go a long way.

Oh and the nozzle on my coolant setup is a 0.65 GPH 30 degree type B with a solid spray pattern. It is too much. it works well but it is messy. I am going to order a smaller nozzle and see how things work out. I'll have to see if I can get a 0.30 or 0.35, But that is just fine tuning. I'm also going to mount everything to the cabnet. I want to see if I can dig up a lid to a butter dish to replace the catch pan. The one that is on there isn't long enough to catch some of the coolant.