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    Re: Show us what you welded today!

    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo2327 View Post
    O.K. I don't care who you are, that was funny. The wife and I both laughed, and now we're hungry. LOL! Thanks.
    I think I got'a make one of those squirt cheese triggers .In fact he should sell them

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    Re: Show us what you welded today!

    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyTIG View Post

    Hey Timmy just curious what type of voltage and wire speed does dual shield run on something like this? Never ran it just got me curious.

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    Re: Show us what you welded today!

    Well, that's a sub arc cap on the weld on the left, but the dual shield hot pass on the one on the right, I ran that on 29 and 400, .045 wire. If I was going to fill and cap with DS I would run it on up to 30-31 volts, maybe 450 wire speed, anything higher than that starts getting really hard on the welding shirts.
    The sub arc was done with 3/32 wire - 36 volts and 300-375 amps.

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