Older Thermal Dynamics Pak 5XR plasma
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    Older Thermal Dynamics Pak 5XR plasma

    I have the opportunity to buy an older transformer based Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter. Model is Pak 5XR (mid 90s), and runs off of 240V single phase, Its rated to cut 1/2" and consumes 42A of current from the house.

    I can pick it up for 300$. Is it worth it....Its about 200 pounds? I need to cut some 3/8 steel in the near future and a plasma would work great.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Older Thermal Dynamics Pak 5XR plasma

    It is probably worth it for the price. The 5xr is a high frequency start, 55 Amp output.....actually has 3 ranges (20, 35 and 55 amps) if I remember correctly. It does not compare performance wise (thickness and speed) to todays 40 and 45 amp plasmas.....and will use a lot more consumables.....but if it works the price is right.

    Jim colt

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