lincoln ac 180 c arc strike control
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    lincoln ac 180 c arc strike control

    Last week I perchased a AC 180 c stick welder at an auction sale. seems to be a in very good shape. Can't find this model on Lincoln site. There is a switch below the the heat adjustment control crank handle. The switch is labled arc strike control. It has three postions labled Off, regular, and thin sheet metal. Does anyone know what this switch does, or how it works? Also, on the right side of the front of the welder, there is a plate with a knob on it ,held on with screws. On this plate to the top of the knob is stamped normal line voltage, below the knob is stamped low line voltage, but the words are up side down. I think the plate is to be remove and turned over. Is this to be used to change from 240 to 208, or is this make up for a voltage drop caused by transmition poor lines. Does anyone out there know any thing about this welder
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    Re: lincoln ac 180 c arc strike control

    If you can find the code number it might help on finding a manual on Lincoln's site. If you already tried that, you may check out the area for obsolete machines/manuals. Not familar with machine, sorry couldnt be of more help.
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    Re: lincoln ac 180 c arc strike control

    208v as 208 IS low Voltage from 240v

    but really they are talking Low Line Voltage on 240v- below 215v according to Lincoln.

    Arc Strike is mentioned in this Manual
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    Re: lincoln ac 180 c arc strike control

    Back when that welder was built it could have been 110/110/220 was normal. Anything close to 240 would have been called 'smokin'..

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